The GUM is a huge shopping center, one of the largest in Europe. It is the most famous place to shop in Moscow, but it is also known for its architecture. It is situated on Red Square and the first part of it was built in 1812, under Alexander I.

The shop itself has a luxurious style, selling brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hugo Boss, Burberry etc. There are also many cafes and restaurants.

GUM is famous also as a cultural center. It hosts art and photo exhibitions, and it is one of the venues of the international art festival Chereshneviy les.


TsUM is one of the most renowned high end department stores in Moscow.

The store is in a six-story historical Gothic Revival style building on Petrovka Street at Theatre Square (Teatralnaya Square) in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow. The TsUM interiors have been refurbished many times, most recently in 2007. TsUM is a part of the Mercury Group.

TsUM is one of the most fashionable and trendy places in the city, and the largest fashion department store in Eastern Europe. It carries more than 1000 brands of fashionable apparel, perfumery, and jewelry, as well as “TsUM Globus Gourmet” gastronome, a fusion restaurant, a cigar room, a café, and champagne bar “Veuve Clicquot”.


The shopping centre Aviapark is an «A» class multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex, with an attractive combination of fashion and recreation, which provides a completely new approach to shopping.

Aviapark offers an extensive network of galleries that guides the flow of visitors from one trading zone to another, providing a convenient navigation and easy access to the required shops, restaurants and services.

The modern design of the building, high-tech architectural solutions, and a convenient location in the Northern Administrative Okrug of Moscow make Aviapark attractive. In the shopping center «Aviapark» is the height of the cylindrical aquarium in the world. The aquarium is 23 meters high and 6 meters in diameter can accommodate 370 000 liters of sea water, and swim about 2 500 fish.


METROPOLIS is a modern shopping center, on three floors of which more than 350 shops and restaurants are located.

The shopping center is conveniently located near Voykovskaya metro station and is only fifteen minutes away by subway from the center of Moscow, with a sufficient distance from the overly crowded city center. METROPOLIS is a large space and wide, light-filled galleries.

Due to the strict rules on representation of the Tenants and advertising placements, unique selection of shops, restaurants and cafes, and its architecture, METROPOLIS remains one of the most pleasant places for shopping in the city. This place is filled up with human soul and special atmosphere of coziness.

METROPOLIS is the embodiment of MIX & MATCH concept, which means a combination of brands of different cost in one look. This is the place where modern city dwellers who seek practical individuality can easily find their own unique self and style. H&M; and Max Mara Weekend and Hugo Boss, Zara and TruTrussardi, Converse and DKNY, GAP and Twin Set — the number of such combinations at METROPOLIS is limited only by the imagination of its visitors.


The shopping center «Okhotny Ryad», due to its location – one of the most popular places in Moscow.

Better to come here on a weekday, as on weekends and holidays the crowds loitering here after a tour of red square, tourists and residents of Moscow. In «Okhotny Ryad» collected mostly inexpensive mass-market clothing stores, but there are more expensive brands – Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Karen Millen.

Along with a small food court at the shopping complex are scattered various cafes and restaurants on the upper level there are McDonalds and Sbarro with outdoor terrace and views of Alexandrovsky garden.

On the middle level of the Okhotny Ryad is the entrance to the metro station of the same name and a supermarket «the Seventh continent».