Ceretto Restaurant on Leningradsky Prospekt — the magic of the cuisine of Piedmont and the great traditions of Italian winemaking.

For anyone who is at least superficially familiar with Italian enoculture, the surname of Ceretto speaks volumes. Magnificent wines of one of the most famous areas of Italy, such varieties as Barbaresco, Barolo, Monsoordo are the pride of the Cheretto family. It is remarkable that it was in Moscow that the Ceretto restaurant opened, introducing residents and guests of the capital to the gastronomic and wine culture of Piedmont.

The interior of the Ceretto restaurant on Leningradsky Prospekt is designed in an elegant and laconic style, emphasizing aristocratism and adherence to traditional values, characteristic of the worldview of Italians. They respect the guests with respect, trying to arrange them with maximum comfort. The large hall of the restaurant is divided into small areas, framed by comfortable sofas with high backs so that guests do not interfere with each other, but are not closed in a confined space. The kitchen of the Ceretto restaurant in Moscow is a poem of gastronomy of Italy, sunny and beautiful. Pancanella with crispy ciabatta, ripe tomatoes and sweet pepper, ravioli with rabbit meat and sauce based on pine nuts and saffron, fusilli with ragout of tender lamb meat, tinted with spicy goat cheese, bows of portofino with light sauce from a young courgette zucchini and prawns with a note Pesto, a whole palette of seafood, cooked so as to preserve their natural flavor tones, skilfully emphasizing their carefully selected spices.


Italian, Japanese cuisine. Free WI-FI, convenient parking, cozy summer terrace. Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00 — Children’s animation. Sunday from 13:00 to 18:00 we cook pizza with our own hands (children and everyone). The average account is 1 000 — 2 000 tr.


 +7(495)950-22-25 (reservation of tables) 
 +7(925)372-43-40 (food delivery) 
Leningradsky prospect,37, building 6


The restaurant «Uryuk» on Leningradsky Prospect is a spacious institution for 360 people, which includes, in addition to the restaurant, a cafe and a karaoke bar.

Here they are fed dishes of Uzbek, European and even Chinese cuisine. The interior of the restaurant «Uryuk» in Leningradsky is warm in colors. Bright colors coexist here with juicy accents: quilted walls, mirror panels, patterned cushions.

The entourage is complemented by still lifes on the walls. In the menu of the restaurant «Uryuk» in Leningrad there are kazy from Uzbekistan and Tatarstan, Olivie and warm Asian salad, samsa and manti, shaurma and pancakes from courgettes. The cuisine of the institution is designed for a variety of tastes.


Cuisine: European, Chinese, Uzbek. Opening hours — Sun — Thu 12:00 — 24:00, Fri — Sat 12:00 — 06:00, Average bill: 2000-3000 RUB


Leningradsky prospect, 37, building 6


Easy Pub restaurant in Moscow — atmosphere of drive in the interior and menu.

The Easy Pub restaurant in Grizodubova Street is designed in a style typical for all establishments of the network. This appearance cannot be ignored, it is impossible to mix up and it is impossible to forget. Here everything is not just done on conscience and so that the guests were really comfortable, but also spiced with a fair amount of humor, which gives the appearance of the restaurant a special charm.

It’s hard to say that it attracts more attention here: the general background, successfully combining loft and industrial design and embodied in gray concrete under plaster, in deliberately rough, like stacked bar packs, tables and chairs, in harsh metal grilles separating one part Space from another; Original lighting, collected from simple lamps in some pretty intricate installations or entertaining decor elements, complementing the overall picture — strange and bewitching schemes of some devices in which beer can be brewed, and can live a piece of the ocean with all its varying degrees of quaintness by the inhabitants.

Yes, and in the menu of the Easy Pub restaurant on Grizodubova Street, there is something to hold your eyes on, and then please the stomach. You can start with quesadilla with chicken, shrimps in breaded pancakes or with an unusual spicy salad, which includes veal and radish, as a decoration used crispy and appetizing onions. And continue with an impressive burger with all sorts of varieties of fillings, a sizzling frying pan with meat or go against the current and order a set of sushi and rolls for beer.


Cuisine: Asian, European, Japanese. Working hours: Sun — Thu 12:00 — 00:00, Fri — Sat 12:00 — 02:00, Average bill: up to 1000 RUB


Grizodubovoi st. 2


Restaurant Meat is one of the few European restaurants that have subordinated the menu to a mono product.

But this does not mean that we limit the cuisine of the meat restaurant to the genre. We believe that reasonable eclecticism is good. Restaurant MEAT is also remarkable for the fact that we manage to give our guests the forgotten joy of original and honest taste. We choose excellent cuts from the best producers of the Old and New Worlds, so we are sure as meat as no other steak house in Moscow.

Exquisite in form and brutal in content our steak house was created for long and thorough meetings of meat lovers. That is why sofas and armchairs in the restaurant are not only expensive, but also comfortable, and the staff will never allow themselves obsession and tactlessness. Wherever you decide to settle: whether it’s a secluded place by the window in the Main Hall with a view of Josper, the chamber chambers of the Upper Hall or the status and separate VIP lounge ⎯ you will feel like an expensive and welcome guest.


Cuisine: European, Meat. Working hours: 12: 00-00: 00 (till the last guest), average bill: 3000-4000 RUB. tr.


Kuusenina st.4А/1